Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

D   o You Need Physical Stress Relief?.

     Does your body feel sore? Do you experience chronic pain in your muscles? Is pain beginning to make other aspects of life difficult? Maybe you are too uncomfortable to participate in activities you enjoy. Or perhaps you injured yourself and are looking for a holistic way to relieve pain? Have you noticed more stress in your life than usual? Perhaps your stress has begun to manifest in aches and pains throughout your body. Do you want to get rid of physical pain and feel good again?

Physical soreness and pain can be debilitating to your everyday life. Stress in your upper shoulders, upper back and neck can persist throughout the day, making you uncomfortable and even irritable. The pains may be keeping you from engaging in physical activities you enjoy. Everything from injury to stress to too much physical activity can cause soreness throughout the body. And, if you’ve been working hard, stress can manifest as soreness throughout the body.

Physical activity is also a major contributor to pain. While it feels good in the moment and you may be committed to staying fit, pushing it too hard or engaging in activities that use different muscles can leave you muscles feeling tense and stiff. And, because Maui offers so many enjoyable physical activities, such as hiking, surfing, and watersports, there is plenty need for relieving soreness. A deep tissue massage is an ideal experience for alleviating pain and promoting relief.

Many People Choose The Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a prominent way to rid the body of severe soreness. At Maui’s Best Massage, we have offered the deep tissue massage since opening. Because of all the physical activities available in Maui, countless people seek this treatment for holistic pain relief. Unlike the relaxation massage, which uses more gentle strokes, the deep tissue massage is a physically involved experience. As its name implies, the deep tissue massage works deep into the muscles to work out knots. While not as soothing as some massages, it assists in alleviating both stress and physical pain.

At Maui’s Best Massage, we  offer In-studio and outcall massage. With In-studio massage, you come to us, and with outcall massage therapy you need not even leave the house or your hotel as we come to you. Travelling back and forth from a spa can take away from the experience of a massage. With outcall massage therapy, you can enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own space and avoid the travel and stress of the road.

Massage is also a popular option for those travelling on vacation to Maui. And, a deep tissue massage is an ideal way to relieve physical soreness, especially after travelling. If you are visiting Maui on vacation or in need of pain and/or stress relief, massage can help get you back to 100 percent.

A Deep Tissue Massage Can Relieve Your Pain

No one deserves to be in pain, and massage can help. The process for outcall massage therapy is easy and stress-free.. Upon arriving to your home or hotel, your massage therapist will introduce him or herself and allow for time to talk before the service begins. Your therapist will walk you through our intake form as well as discuss any areas that need extra attention and/or areas you would prefer not to work on. If you are especially sensitive or even ticklish in certain areas, let your therapist know beforehand. He or she will also discuss the amount of pressure to apply. There’s no need to worry about preparing anything. We provide all the lotions, table, and oils for the deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage 0 Maui's Best MassageMassage is also a popular stress relieving and connecting activity for couples. Whether on your honeymoon or simply looking to enjoy stress relief with your partner, a shared massage experience can be a great way to connect and unwind together. We can easily include the deep tissue into our couples massage. However, if your partner would prefer a less involved massage, he or she can choose our relaxation or lomi lomi massage.

Feel free to plan your massage ahead of time, making the appointment weeks or even months in advance. Or, we can accommodate an appointment the day that you call, which is especially convenient if your soreness is recent. At Maui’s Best, we cater to your specific needs and make scheduling and the service stress-free. We are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that you have an easy, enjoyable experience and get the pain relief you need.

Now that you understand the benefits of a deep tissue massage, you may have some concerns, such as…

I think the deep tissue massage sounds too intense.

Unlike other massages geared toward relaxation, the deep tissue massage is meant for pain relief. If you are looking to work out the knots throughout your body, the deep tissue is a great way to alleviate physical stress. However, if you are looking for something a bit more on the calming side, our relaxation and lomi lomi massages may be the better option.

I feel uncomfortable inviting strangers into my house.
We take pride in our trustworthy employees. Our massage therapists are all fully licensed and insured. We want you to be relaxed during the massage service, and our friendly staff is there to provide the pain relief you need.

Is outcall massage expensive?

Alleviating the soreness throughout your body and having a private, easy experience is worth investing in. While outcall massage may be slightly higher in terms of price, you will save money and time by eliminating the travel to a spa.

A deep tissue massage can relieve the stress in your body and mind. Call us at 808-426-7418 to schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer questions about the deep tissue massage, other services and outcall massage therapy.