Dealing with Discs (part 2)

Prevention is Best

Ideally, you want to stop back pain from developing by taking some simple steps to reduce strain to your back.


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Dealing with Discs (part 1)

Dealing with discs (Part 1)

Your back consists of stacked bones called vertebrae. There are discs between the vertebrae that..

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Massage, touch, and you

There have been many studies regarding the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact with babies. Scientists have found that this..

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Overwhelm and Massage

Wow, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride the past 2 weeks!  Maui’s Best Massage simultaneously launched its first-ever Contest, as well..

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Mother’s Day 2016 Contest

Aloha, Everyone,

I’m so happy to announce Maui’s Best Massage’s first ever contest!  Sign up for our Newsletter and get automatically..

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