Taming your Tension (Part 1)


Muscle tension is like a car that’s idling too fast. The car is revved up and working hard but nothing useful is happening...

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Taming your Tension (Part 3)

Massage plays an important role in helping you deal with your tension. Your massage therapist, like a mechanic, can adjust how fast..

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Taming your Tension (Part 2)

The Culprits

Stress is one of the major sources of muscle tension. When under stress, you become like a turtle trying to pull its..

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Massage on the Beach

Recently, we have received several requests for massage on the beach.  We used to perform massages on the beach when this business first..

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Dealing with Discs (part 3)

Back Exercises

Here are several extension exercises you can do to recover from low back pain, specifically acute episodes of backpain..

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